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The Wishing Well: Devblog 1

Hey, first devblog! What even is this? What should I post? You want art stuffs? You got it. You want bug fixes? I don't know, maybe if it's a funny bug. You want to hear about all the anxieties that come with making a game? No? Well, sorry, you don't really have a choice in the matter. Let's roll, baby.

The Wishing Well is a story-driven adventure game about VR-based journalism, fancy dress parties and murder. You play as Lee Wolton, a low-level journalist of The Fault's Daily. And as Dahlia Vestamore, a woman from a mysterious family who is most definitely dead. 

This whole story was one of those tricky bastards that has been swimming around in my head for... jeez... over ten years? The story that is, or at least something resembling it. All that time I danced around it by churning out character art and writing super out of context comic pages instead of actually making something solid out of it. It was pretty much an audience of one situation, where I was that one. 

Well, let's fix that, shall we? Now it's time to clear out that precious, meaty brain space and pore it into a mold that others can (hopefully) connect with.

Enough of that. I said there'd be art!


Note that the style has shifted slightly since I originally created these. I had become weirdly obsessed with turning the screen layout into a sort of triptych. I forget exactly why, but I'm almost certain I was playing some game with a unique style. The lightbulb went off and I had the bright idea that I would give myself 3x as much work by having to design and animate these unnecessary panels. And don't get me wrong, I love me some aesthetic for the sake of aesthetic goodness, but I am a team of one and need to cut out fat where possible. Especially when that fat was made only for the sake of looking slightly different from the usual adventure game. 

Anyway, this post was just to say hi and do a wee art dump. More process and progress in the future.