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The Wishing Well: Devblog 2

A strange thing about developing a large project over a long period of time, is that your style is likely to improve. I mean, sure, hell yah, improvement, let's have it. But then there's that risk of having an inconsistent final project, not to mention a metaphorical pit opens up tempting you to go back and update your old shit. But by the time you update your old shit, your style will have developed further. And on and on and whatever. So I'm going to do my best to ignore that bit and keep moving forward.

Past this point anyway...

Yah, so on that note, a few updates on the look of the game. Though in my defense it's as much mechanical as it is graphic. I've gone and killed my character portraits.


Which was a bummer, at first. I'd poured a good chunk of time into those sexy sexy mugs. Damn sexy. But the moment I moved forward with the decision, I knew it was the right one.

My reason for killing my darlings was actually inspired by the GDC speech by Night in the Woods creator Scott Benson. One, of many, things that stuck with me was his decision to, despite the game being narrative heavy, forego that classic dialogue box. It sounds like a small thing, sure, but Scott's reasoning was that it felt like the dialogue built a barrier between the player and the story and that took the player out of it in some way.

As I considered the format of my game, I found a similar feeling in the adventure game-style portraits I had been using. They felt like a wall. They felt stiff and emotionless (though this may be my artistic pitfalls to blame? womp), despite the fact the whole point of them, in my mind, was that they'd allow me to show more emotion from my characters. I realized, referring back to another point from Benson's speech, that I could get all the emotion I'd ever need from a tiny pixel character. So it'd be safe to say that my current sprites didn't need the help of any portraits. 

For anyone interested in the speech, I've posted it below. 

Sorry that there isn't much more to show yet, though I assure you that it's moving along. For a while there, it was looking like the art needs of the game were going to kick the shit out of me. Well, they probably still will, but I'm developing new habits to create quality art faster and more efficiently. It's all about those Layer Masks, baby. Masks for days. Maybe I'll post a process video soon.

Anyway, how about a small In Memoriam for a few of my dearly departed character portraits? 

Goodnight sweet princes and princesses. I will see you in sprite world.